Attendees: Ken, Larry, John, Crissy, Jackie

  1. Crissy: Finances.
    1. Utility bill low; concern that it’s in error.
      1. Automatic bill pay makes it hard to be aware of surprises.
      2. Crissy: turn off automatic bill pay for Huntsville Utilities.
    2. Common area locks fixed, paid for.
  2. Website.
    1. Crissy: will put letter together to let neighbors know it’s up and available.
  3. Larry: Lawn sprinklers.
    1. One timer valve is bad.
    2. Break in line; sprinkler head at east end leaking.
    3. Larry working this: two repair quotes in process.
    4. Recommend next time we perform this kind of maintenance install shutoff valves to make maintenance and pool filling easier.
  4. Larry: Pool
    1. Molly couldn’t be here.
      1. No serious leaks this year – last year’s maintenance appears to have been effective.
    2. Coping grout cracked.
      1. Recaulking would likely much less than $15k.
    3. Expected open on 18th.
  5. Board: Mailboxes.
    1. Ironworks store north side of Huntsville not so great: would still order mailboxes; choices limited.
    2. Two choices.
      1. E-mail distributed to board showing current choices and prices.
      2. Mailbox survey redistributed.
    3. Posts.
      1. Welds are breaking on some brackets.
      2. L-shaped posts could be an option, though they would look quite different from current.
    4. Decision: present neighbors with current OR one choice picked by Board.
    5. Board homework: everyone choose one mailbox option and distribute for comment by June 2.
  6. Ken: Sidewalk survey completed (with Jim G).
    1. Larry: talk to city about this and drainage swales.
  7. Jackie: Common area lawn maintenance.
    1. Pears looking frowzy.
    2. Weeds behind east berm may not be common area: neighbor may be responsible.
      1. If true, need to make sure neighbors know this is their responsibility.
    3. Jackie: Contact Britney about lawn service weeding landscaped areas.
    4. Larry: follow up with Joe Webster to get tree near pool cut down.
    5. Jackie: present options for berm improvement at next meeting.
  8. Crissy: Ask Britney to start doing neighbor surveys.
    1. Make sure we’re given list before sending to neighbors.

Next Meeting

  1. Ken: Last meeting summary and status of actions.
  2. Crissy: Finances.
    1. Dues in arrears.
  3. Crissy: Neighborhood surveys
  4. Larry/ Crissy: Caulking of pool coping.
  5. Larry: Discussions with city on sidewalks and swales.
  6. Jackie or Ken: Mailboxes.
  7. Jackie: Common area landscaping.
    1. Larry: Tree by pool.
  8. Jim/ Crissy: Website.

If Time Allowed

  1. Board: additional layer of pea gravel/ new edging around playground. (From parking lot 7/25/2016)
  2. Larry/ Board: Making sure homeowner lists are up-to-date.
  3. Larry: Computer room blinds and lighting.
  4. Ken: Reserve requirement estimation.
  5. Larry: Clubhouse Wi-Fi.


  1. Pool hours adults only from 6 – 9 AM. 7/25/2016
  2. Keep HVAC at 75 – 80F during summer (9/16/2016) and 65F during winter to keep system running occasionally (1/4/17).
  3. Present neighbors with 2 options for mailboxes: 1) current design, 2) new choice decided on by board. 5/10/2017

Parking Lot

  1. Clubhouse.
    1. Sign on thermostat to keep HVAC at 65F during winter and 75 – 80F during summer.  1/4/17
    2. Wi-Fi/ TV. 2/8/2017
    3. Mini Blinds/ lighting for computer room. 3/8/2017
  1. Exterior common areas.
    1. Pool coping caulking cracked, in need of repair. 5/10/2017
    2. Make sure weeds behind east berm are neighbor responsibility; ask neighbor to take care of this. 5/10/2017
    3. Next time irrigation piping is repaired, consider adding valves. 5/10/2017
    4. Consider replacement of irrigation system. 3/8/2017
  1. Covenants and restrictions changes.
    1. Change (relax) wood-only fence rule. 7/25/2016
  1. Finances.
    1. Consider moving dues to July. 1/4/2017
    2. Contingency reserve calculation. 1/4/2017
      1. Ken: Preliminary investigation complete, ready to present (advance notice, please!).
  2. Website content.
    1. Information that would help sell and increase sales price of homes. 2/8/2017

Completed Actions Due to Decisions made

  1. Order and install picnic tables 2/8/2017.
  2. Replace key card computer with used one. Pay to have broken system parts repaired. 2/8/2017