Prepared Financial Statements

2018 Budget


  • Jackie: identify particular varieties and get firm quotes on plantings decided on at this meeting, distribute to new Board by 2/15.
  • Jackie: send presentation to Ken for distribution with the meeting notes.
  • Larry: ask Joe about brush pickup from common area and report to Board by 1/31.
  • Larry: get competitive bids on coping and report to new Board by 2/15.


Open actions from previous meetings:

  • Jackie/ Ken: Re-do mailbox options letter by 1/10/2018.
  • Board: Take photos of DHE, upload to website (from April).
  • Larry: Distribute neighborhood watch writeup to board for comment by next meeting (from April).
  • Wes Plaxco: discuss sidewalks with Mark Russel by 1/10/2018.
  • Larry: get three quotes on pool repair, distribute to homeowners by 1/10/2018.

Completed actions:

  • Jackie: present options for berm rehabilitation at July meeting.

Attenders:    Crissy, Larry, Jim G, Ken, Jackie Johnson.

  1. Jackie: berm landscaping proposal.
    1. Berms: October Glory maples.
    2. Pool privacy: med. height ornamental grasses.
      1. Not sharp.
      2. Mulch under.
    3. Entry: remove either 2 (leave center plant) or all 3 dwarf magnolias on each side and replace with teddy bear magnolias.
      1. Another option: leave as is.
      2. Table for this year.
    4. Grass repair.
      1. Repair where trees come out with sod (cost tbd).
      2. Recommend rye overseed in winter (too late for this year).
  • Recommend fescue overseed in spring (April).
    1. $200 per year seed only.
  1. Other berm annual landscaping.
    1. Pine straw around trees to make dirt look better.
  2. Crissy: budgeted $2000 landscaping improvements.
    1. Pool $15k; if actual comes in under budget, could use excess for this.
    1. 4 maples.
    2. 1 oak.
      1. Ken recommends honey fungus resistant oak.
      2. Jim recommends a slow-grower.
  • Pine straw.
  1. Pool grass.
    1. Plant on community work day.
  2. Sod a last priority; repair only if have excess funds in another budget line.
  3. Pay for overseed this spring.
  • Jackie: get firm quotes, identify trees.
  1. Jackie: need brush pickup near creek on our property.
    1. Larry to ask Joe about this.
  2. Jackie: homeowner with the plantings on the berm.
    1. HOA Resources urged us to let the homeowner keep the garden there despite rules.
    2. Crissy: talked with the guy to move the trees.
  3. Larry: drainage.
    1. Working with Cheval HOA to plan; they are affected by flooding due to issues.
    2. Basin drains also part of HOA easement.
  4. Larry: pool.
    1. Larry: Cost for coping $15k may be excessive.
      1. Larry to get competitive bid on coping.
    2. Crissy: should we empty pool every year?
      1. Larry: pool would float if we emptied it.
    3. Larry: talk about entry lights next meeting.
    4. Larry: consider reducing dues. (Study necessary to examine this already in parking lot.)
    5. Annual meeting 31st 6:30 P by unanimous vote.
      1. Dues notices out with meeting announcement by HOA Assoc.

Submitted Jan 31, 2018 by Ken Johnson, DHE HOA Board Secretary

Next meeting not scheduled at the Clubhouse. Suggested agenda:

  1. Ken: Last meeting summary.
  2. Crissy: Finances.
    1. Dues in arrears.
  3. Larry: status of actions, including these:
    1. Jackie: Mailbox letter to homeowners.
    2. Larry: Progress on sidewalks and swales.
  4. Jackie Johnson: berm rehabilitation.
  5. Crissy: Neighborhood surveys by HOA Associates.
  6. Wes Plaxco: sidewalk.
  7. Larry: pool coping.
  8. Larry: playground completion. (From parking lot 7/25/2016)
  9. Jim: Website status of pictures of DHE life.


If time: tabled business.

  1. Ken: Reserve requirement estimation. (Please allow at least 2 week notice.)
  • Larry/ Board: Making sure homeowner lists are up-to-date.
  1. Larry: Computer room blinds and lighting.
  2. Larry: Clubhouse Wi-Fi.




  1. Pool hours adults only from 6 – 9 AM. 7/25/2016