New actions

  • Jackie: pick a pool coping color, distribute decision to team by 5/15/2018.

Open actions from previous meetings

  • Jackie: send presentation to Ken for distribution with the meeting notes.
  • Larry: ask Joe about brush pickup from common area and report to Board by 1/31
  • Jackie/ Ken: Re-do mailbox options letter by 1/10/2018
  • Board: Take photos of DHE, upload to website (from April 2017)
  • Larry: Distribute neighborhood watch writeup to board for comment by next meeting (from April 2017)
  • Wes Plaxco: discuss sidewalks with Mark Russel by 1/10/2018
  • Larry: get three quotes on pool repair, distribute to homeowners by 1/10/2018

Completed Actions

  • Larry: get competitive bids on coping and report to new Board by 2/15
  • Jackie: identify particular varieties and get firm quotes on plantings decided on at this meeting, distribute to new Board by 2/15

Attenders: Jeff, Larry, Crissy, Ken (by phone); Kerry Green, Decorative Concrete.

1. Meeting called to order 6:30 PM by Larry.

2. Presentation and discussion on replacement of pool coping by Kerry Green, Decorative Concrete

deck copinga. Quote to remove/ repair coping around pool $6935.

i. Less $120 for no stamping, broom finish only.

ii. Current coping limestone blocks.

iii. Proposing continuous poured concrete coping.

b. Bullnose forms required for coping edge.

i. Below: photo of cantilevered bullnose (overhanging) edge in pool coping.
ii. Expansion joints are the white lines between coping sections and between coping and the rest of the deck.

c. Stamping.

i. Kerry: forms for bullnose don’t allow fancy texture to extend all the way to the pool, so there will be an “untextured” few inches at the edge – may look funny.

ii. Voice vote to use standard broom finish only.

d. Finish.

i. Kerry: colors added to concrete mix, so concrete will be colored all the way through.

1. No effect on strength.

2. Any damage will still be correct color.

3. Already in quote.

ii. Team agreement to use colored concrete.

iii. Jackie: pick a color by 5/12/2018.

e. Larry: safe?

i. Kerry: yes: stamped and textured finishes are slip-resistant.

ii. Larry: add “shark grip” (textured sand finish). (No dissent.)

f. Current coping is limestone block.

i. Larry: longevity questioned.

1. Board: original coping.

2. Ken: lasted ~30 years; need to expect to maintain and eventually replace.

ii. Kerry: continuous-pour concrete.

1. Larry: need to make sure no water gets into the seams: currently have rubberized caulk to resist this.

2. Kerry: no seams; continuously poured with expansion joints (like the intentional scored lines between sidewalk sections) that don’t need caulking.

3. Ken: water would not get through expansion joints, so don’t need to caulk.

Note: the seam Larry was likely talking about was not the seams that Ken was understanding.

4. Kerry: will look at what is underneath coping when it’s time to replace. If well-drained gravel, no issue.

g. Concrete will be pumped so landscaping won’t be ruined.

h. Sealer required every three to four years.

i. ~2 gallons.

ii. Kerry’s team could do this for $70 + $0.50/ sq. ft. current pricing.

i. Schedule.

i. Kerry: can’t do until after pool opening.

ii. Team: after season.

j. Example of texture at First United Methodist Church patio, Greene and Randolph.

3. Other pool maintenance items.

a. Pump needs to be replaced.

i. Unanimous vote for replacing pump.

b. Pool needs to be drained and painted.

i. Must be done every other year.

c. Need to fill pool.

i. Sprinkler system is on, so can do.

4. Board and management company only. Complaint about Jim Hodge’s rental.

a. Pallet sign with flag; cigarette butts, other unnecessary detritus.

b. Letter sent to Jim; Jim e-mailed Crissy.


1. Pool hours adults only from 6 – 9 AM. 7/25/2016

2. Keep HVAC at 75 – 80F during summer (9/16/2016) and 65F during winter to keep system running occasionally (1/4/17).

3. Present neighbors with 2 options for mailboxes: 1) current design, 2) new choice decided on by board. 5/11/2017

4. Second mailbox choice is

5. Landscaping (1/10/2018).

a. 4 maples, 1 oak.

b. Pine straw under plantings on berm.

c. Pool grass.

i. Plant on community work day.

d. Pay for overseed this spring.

e. Sod a last priority; repair only if have excess funds in another budget line.

6. Replace pool pump. (4/23/2018)

Parking Lot.

1. Clubhouse.

a. Sign on thermostat to keep HVAC at 65F during winter and 75 – 80F during summer. 1/4/17

b. Wi-Fi/ TV. 2/8/2017

c. Miniblinds/ lighting for computer room. 3/8/2017

2. Exterior common areas.

a. Consider replacement of irrigation system. 3/8/2017

b. Pool coping caulking cracked, in need of repair. 5/11/2017

c. Make sure weeds behind east berm are neighbor responsibility; ask neighbor to take care of this. 5/11/2017

d. Next time irrigation piping is repaired, consider adding valves. 5/11/2017

e. Complete playground curbing and surface. Consider an artificial surface. 8/27/2017

f. (2019 budget) Consider thinning and/or replacing magnolias at entrance. (1/10/2018)

3. Covenants and restrictions changes.

a. Change (relax) wood-only fence rule. 7/25/2016

4. Finances.

a. Consider moving dues to July. 1/4/2017

b. Contingency reserve calculation. 1/4/2017

i. Ken: Preliminary investigation complete, ready to present (advance notice, please!).

ii. Consider reducing dues. 1/10/2018

5. Website content.

a. Information that would help sell and increase sales price of homes. 2/8/2017

6. When pool coping is replaced, make sure coping is well drained. (4/23/2018)

Periodic maintenance items.