Ø  Jackie/ Ken: Re-do mailbox options letter by next meeting.


Open actions from previous meetings:

Ø  Board: Take photos of DHE, upload to website (from April).

Ø  Jackie: present options for berm rehabilitation at July meeting.

Ø  Brittany/ HOA: send dunning notices to association members late with dues (from April meeting; may only need report that this is complete).

Ø  Larry: Distribute neighborhood watch writeup to board for comment by next meeting (from April).


Completed actions:

Ø  Jackie: Arrange for mailbox options to be communicated to homeowners by July meeting. COMPLETE

Ø  Crissy: turn off automatic bill pay for Huntsville Utilities by June meeting. COMPLETE

Ø  Larry: follow up with tree service to get tree next to pool removed. COMPLETE

Ø  Crissy: call Brittany to restart monthly neighborhood surveys. COMPLETE



Attenders:  Crissy, Larry, Ken; Jeremy Carter, HOA Resources. Jim Gharib came in 7:15.

John has resigned by e-mail.


A number of neighbors attended after receiving a letter announcing the meeting.


  1. Larry: greet neighborhood attenders.
  2. Larry: website.
    1. Neighbors encouraged to use it.
  3. Larry: mailboxes.
    1. Voted and accepted mailboxes.
    2. Handed out an example quote including information on ordering more than 25 at a time.
    3. Can buy old mailbox or new one.
    4. Ken/ Jackie: re-do mailbox letter with quotes by next meeting.
  4. Larry: neighborhood appearance.
    1. HOA Resources will be canvassing and noting.
    2. No notices sent out to date, but will be starting.
  5. Larry: Berm area.
    1. City not maintaining swales.
      1. Larry has talked to them.
    2. Trees on berm: Bradford pears on east berm need to be taken down.
      1. Ken: move to remove pears on east berm.
    3. Larry: table until next meeting.
    4. Crissy: can wait until winter to save money.
      1. Deb Wilke (homeowner): replace trees.
    5. Ken: some on board agree, some not. Board needs to hear these opinions (in order to be effective).
  6. Irrigation system repaired.
    1. Front garden irrigation should have been repaired as well.
  7. Deb Wilke (homeowner): Why did we put in a temporary playground?
    1. Wes Plaxco (homeowner): need to lower HOA fees.
    2. Crissy: Both sides were presented. Board decision was for the lower-price option.
  8. Crissy: need to save for roof.
  9. Wes Plaxco (homeowner) would like to see sidewalk in front of DHE completed and connected to Cheval’s sidewalk.
    1. Jeremy Carter: may already have paid city to do this when subdivision was put in and city tabled it.
    2. Wes to talk to Mark Russel, city employee responsible for this.
  10. Larry: pool.
    1. Wes Plaxco (homeowner): fix things right away. We have the money.
    2. Need to get quotes on the pool.
    3. High priority.
    4. Min of 3 quotes; will publish to homeowners.
  11. Wes Plaxco (homeowner): why no access to clubhouse?
    1. Larry/ Crissy: was too often left a mess when access was open.
    2. Why isn’t this controlled by the key card system?
      1. Only one key card needed to open doors for all comers.
    3. Jeremy Carter: no other HOA’s clubhouses are open to all all of the time.
    4. Clubhouse cleaner Denise only makes $25/ week –
      1. Why not increase?
    5. Not so much work now that access isn’t open.
    6. Board very much appreciates her efforts.
  12. Larry: playground.
    1. High priority.
    2. Jeremy Carter suggests synthetic turf.



  1. Pool hours adults only from 6 – 9 AM. 7/25/2016
  2. Keep HVAC at 75 – 80F during summer (9/16/2016) and 65F during winter to keep system running occasionally (1/4/17).
  3. Present neighbors with 2 options for mailboxes: 1) current design, 2) new choice decided on by board. 5/11/2017
  4. Second mailbox choice is


Parking Lot.

  1. Clubhouse.
  2. Sign on thermostat to keep HVAC at 65F during winter and 75 – 80F during summer.1/4/17
  3. Wi-Fi/ TV. 2/8/2017
  4. Miniblinds/ lighting for computer room. 3/8/2017
  1. Exterior common areas.
    1. Pool coping caulking cracked, in need of repair. 5/11/2017
    2. Make sure weeds behind east berm are neighbor responsibility; ask neighbor to take care of this. 5/11/2017

Next time irrigation piping is repaired, consider adding valves. 5/11/2017

  1. Consider replacement of irrigation system. 3/8/2017

Covenants and restrictions changes.

  1. Change (relax) wood-only fence rule. 7/25/2016
  1. Finances.
    1. Consider moving dues to July. 1/4/2017
    2. Contingency reserve calculation. 1/4/2017
      1. Ken: Preliminary investigation complete, ready to present (advance notice, please!).
  2. Website content.
    1. Information that would help sell and increase sales price of homes. 2/8/2017


Completed actions due to decisions.

  1. Order and install picnic tables 2/8/2017.
  2. Replace key card computer with used one. Pay to have broken system parts repaired. 2/8/2017


Submitted August 28, 2017 by Ken Johnson, DHE HOA Board Secretary.