Attenders: Jackie Johnson, Jim Gharib, Ken Johnson.

  1. Larry called the meeting to order 6:35 PM.
  2. Completed Key-card system repair, incl. computer/ reprogram/ fix locks.
  3. Budget.
    1. $3740 outstanding dues not paid to date.
      1. Delinquent notices out this week.
      2. Forgave one person $25 fee; 2954 Elk Meadows. Did electronic transfer to old HOA company.
  4. Picnic tables.
  5. Computer room, need (no actionee):
    1. Mini-blinds.
    2. Table light.
  6. Website progress
    1. Setup done. (Thanks, Jim!)
    2. Need to add content.
      1. Ken: send docs to Jim G.
    3. Homeowners only
      1. Docs
      2. residents registry
      3. member profile editable by homeowner
      4. HOA meeting info
      5. Calendar of events
      6. Clubhouse reservation-Dennis Wooton manages
      7. Dues and fees, including authority. Need a write up
        1. Action?
      8. Budget
        1. Need pdf to place on site
    4. Site is mobile friendly – Google indexed
    5. After content in: Larry to ask Brittney to email homeowners
  7. Mailboxes
    1. 2choices
      1. Balmoral is leading contender
    2. Choice tabled till next meeting
  8. Landscaping
    1. tree mapTree map attached to notes. Suggest put them on website in board-only section.
      1. May not have trees identified correctly. Ken: update by next meeting.
    2. Jackie: finished installation of landscaping on clubhouse north by sidewalk.
      1. Thanks, Jackie!
    3. Tree with exposed roots, northeast corner of playground.
      1. Recommend bring in topsoil, plant with sod.
        1. Dark and dry area: sod may not take
        2. No irrigation to this location.
      2. Bradford pears on west berm on Deer Valley.
        1. Suggest remove.
        2. Will homeowners not like removing trees?
        3. Tree at entrance
      3. Irrigation system.
        1. Old and leaky.
        2. Consider replacement.
      4. Tree at southwest corner by pool.
        1. ph of pool; roots infringing
        2. Bradford pears are not good long-term trees.
  9. Larry adjourned meeting at 7:40.

Next Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 12th, 6:30 – 7:30 at the Clubhouse.
Suggested agenda:

Ken: Last meeting summary and status of actions.
Jim H: Finances.
Dues in arrears.
Ken: Mailboxes.
Larry: Picnic tables.
Jim G: Website.

If time: new business.

Larry: Clubhouse Wi-Fi.
Larry/ Board: Making sure homeowner lists are up-to-date.
Ken: Reserve requirement estimation.
Larry: Computer room blinds and lighting.